The Rozenfeld Group Advantage

Strategy means nothing without results. Tangible results are what disrupt the market, propel a company past the competition, and transform customers into brand loyalists.

At Rozenfeld Group, we design customized strategies to generate in-year returns, while driving innovation and solidifying the foundation for the future. We use a nimble, adaptive approach that enables organizations to disrupt current markets and grow into new ones. With an obsessive commitment to results, we create strategies aligned to your specific objectives. We measure our success based on your bottom-line results.

How we can help?

Strategic Planning

As industry disruptions continue to accelerate, we help you thrive over the long term by designing new strategies across multiple offerings and time periods. We start by examining your key profitability drivers and then by collaboratively planning new avenues to engage your customers and outperform your competitors.

Operational Strategy

Companies across every industry are asked to do more with less. Cost reduction and organizational efficiency are the rule, not the exception. We partner with our clients to unlock growth, trim costs, and drive sustainable change. Our seasoned professionals deliver results. Your strategic and performance objectives are our shared goal.

Organizational Strategy

We design organizations that accelerate the strategic goals of a company. We expand an organization’s capabilities and ensure that its strategy benefits all stakeholders: leaders, employees, customers, and shareholders. Central to our organizational strategy work is our focus on co-creation and the human experience.

Growth & Innovation (G&I)

Unleash the promising potential of your business – from rapid, incremental growth to disruptive innovation. Tapping into emerging technology and business models, we diagnose each client’s business to pinpoint promising ways to accelerate growth. We help clients define their G&I game plans and translate strategy into tangible pipelines, innovation operations, and results. New innovation operating models. Creative ways to capture value. Superior experiences from dynamic innovation. Differentiated go-to-market and channel strategies - they all add up to superior results hitting your company’s bank accounts.


A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.

From strategy to development to support, we solve business problems with digital technology.

We help clients make key decisions around how to recognize, formalize, and implement change.


Business Transformation

Delivering true transformation and managing strategic change requires an ability to assess, synergize, and nurture each element with a vision for the future. Our approach applies organizational strategy and transformation management, agile change, and performance management to derive success from complex, interdependent, multifaceted initiatives

Customer Retention and Experience

We assess the current customer experience ecosystem, outline a future state that incorporates your value-driven priorities, and create an experience agenda that will meet or exceed your business objectives.

Digital Transformation

Businesses today are challenged to deliver value quickly, at scale, and with agility. These organizations know they need to adopt a digital approach but are challenged to make it work. We design transformational strategies to help businesses become digital enterprises.