Processes That Turn Ideas Into Reality

Process is the fragile, yet critical, link between strategy and value. Leadership changes, economic cycles, industry disrupters, and mergers and acquisitions all threaten to fracture that link.

Rozenfeld Group provides your greatest reinforcement with current and future state mapping and an agile process improvement strategy that infuses fitness into your greatest competitive advantages. Our leaders are part inspired strategists, part resourceful activators, ready to optimize your resources against your greatest opportunities, from design through execution.

How we can help?

Business Analysis

Our business analysis skills and capabilities help clients make key decisions around how to recognize, formalize, and implement change. We combine our resource-based skills with analytic tools and data to consistently, creatively, and accurately drive sustainable results.

Process & Operations

We recognize that companies are under increasing pressure to optimize their operational performance and stay ahead of rising operational challenges, customer demands, and global competition. To address these operational pressures, our process and industry domain experts leverage their practical experience to identify operational objectives, existing gaps, and optimization opportunities. We carefully evaluate the operational impact of any changes to processes or operating model design to enable clients to achieve their operational goals with minimal disruption to current operations.


We offer a dynamic suite of technical services and expertise to assist our clients in cost effectively addressing their business process challenges and unlock the value in their existing platforms. Our human centered approach enables us to effectively match our capabilities to the needs of our clients and identifies critical elements that should be considered to improve the efficiency and speed of core business processes, such that our clients achieve scale and sustained value throughout their process automation journey.

Business Analysis Managed Services

With a focus on building capacity, capability, and community, we deliver high-caliber business analysts – providing the training and coaching they need to be effective in your organization – to ensure enhanced performance and reliable delivery. The result? Better business outcomes and a more engaged, connected workforce.



A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.


From strategy to development to support, we solve business problems with digital technology.


We help clients make key decisions around how to recognize, formalize, and implement change.